Submission (TV Series 2016)
Genres: Drama, Mystery, Romance
Creators: Paul Fishbein, Jacky St. James
Stars: Ashlynn Yennie, Justin Berti, Raylin Joy, Victoria Levine…

Episode: 06 (Greek Subs)

This tantalizing new series chronicles the sexual awakening of the beautiful but unfulfilled Ashley, when she discovers the popular erotic novel “SLAVE” by Nolan Keats. However, her fascination with the mysterious Mr. Keats leads her into a sexy but dangerous love triangle, where not everyone is who they appear to be and where fantasies are no longer just words in a book. Part romantic drama, part mystery, this tale of seduction, obsession and sexual power from acclaimed writer/director Jacky St. James will leave you breathless and begging for more. What’s your safeword?

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